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Tacos, Mezcal, & Chocolate @ HIPSPOTS

Quick Details

Users Minimum age: 2+

Hour Glass Duration: 3.5 hours

Round Bike 26'' Riders 4' 11" (150cm) - and up
Round Bike 24'' Riders 4' 4"(130cm) - 4' 11"(150cm)
Round Bike 20'' Children Under 4'4" (130 cm)
Tandem Bike 2 People Required
Collective Bike - Up to 10 People 4 People Minimum
Collective Bike - Additional People Per person

A Bike Ride Through the City’s Trendiest Neighborhoods

What We Do:

Get to know our favorite spots and see some great street art and architecture. Join us for an amazing foodie experience tasting the most authentic and delicious tacos in the city (meat and vegan options), and drink great natural fresh drinks, Mexican beer, and smooth mezcal.

We enjoy an exclusive tasting of mezcal and tequila, the spirits that are conquering the world! And for the cherry on top, we have gourmet Mexican chocolate, a xocoatl drink, churros, and traditional Mexican candies! All this happens while visiting the hip spots and getting in touch with the lifestyle of Mexico City.

Your belly will be so happy after this that, to make the most of the experience, I sincerely ask you to come without eating.

Places We Visit:

  • San Miguel Chapultepec
  • Condesa and Roma neighborhoods

Our selection of places is thought to impress not only foreign people but any Mexican who loves tacos! The first one has the best fish taco in Mexico, the second place has the first vegan tacos in the world, and the third one has unique and delicious family recipes in the hippest taco place.

The happy ending is sure to totally blow your mind visiting one of the best chocolate producers in the world, which has won annual awards, where we taste the original drink of the gods, the xocoatl drink. You can’t miss the stop at the best churros, famous worldwide, and if that wasn’t enough, we give you more tasty surprises.