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Bikes & Iconic Sites Downtown

Quick Details

Users Minimum age: 2+

Hour Glass Duration: 3 hours

Round Bike 26'' Riders 4' 11" (150cm) - and up
Round Bike 24'' Riders 4' 4"(130cm) - 4' 11"(150cm)
Round Bike 20'' For Children Under 4'4" (130 cm)
Tandem Bike 2 People Required
Collective Bike - Up to 10 People 4 People Minimum
Collective Bike - Additional People Per Person

A Window Into Mexico’s Most Important Historical Moments

This experience shows you the roots of our culture and traditions, the fusion with European culture after the conquest, and the birth of a new nation until through to the present day.

What We Do:

All this is reflected in the grandeur of the buildings, the color of our arts, the flavors of our food, and especially the joy of our people. The center of Mexico City has brought together in its hundreds of years some of the most incredible stories and treasures in Mexico.

We lead you to discover how the Aztecs revere their gods; the light and darkness of the Spanish conquest; the birth of a new nation during the time of Porfirio Díaz; the view of the city from a skyscraper; a direct contact with Mexican craftsmanship in the most important market, an expression of our beliefs, creativity, and hearts; and end with a delicious breakfast in a Historic Blue.

Places We Visit:

  • The Templo Mayor
  • The Cathedral
  • The National Palace
  • Zócalo
  • Fine Art Palace
  • The House of the Tiles
  • Alameda Park
  • La Ciudadela Artcraft Market, a must in your visit to Mexico City
  • Plus some other special and amazing places that I keep in secret for your surprise!