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About Us


We create Bycit in 2015 developing the best ways to experience the city. Our style is to make you feel you are visiting your friend in the city, who takes you to his favorite places, while you get to know the local history, culture and lifestyle. In fact, that’s how our project started.

We strongly believe and have proved that the best way to know Mexico City is by bike. Same reason why we make it very inclusive, so that all kind of guests can do it: babies, kids, pets, even people that don’t know how to ride a bike can join.

All our team are expert cyclist and very familiar with exploring the city by bike. You will feel very safe and happy cycling.

Its a pleasure being your host in the city and want to make your best memory of Mexico City with us! For the hundreds of clients we had and all the positive reviews they make about us, we are sure you will love it!!